Within Peace, there is War
Within War, there is Hope
Within Hope, there is Fear
Within Fear, there is Good
I am neither Light nor Dark
I lie between, a true Grey
-Griseus Farran


The Farran Legacy (later Clan) started with Griseus. Born in the Outer Rim worlds (specific location unknown) in 33 BTC (3686 BBY).

When Griseus was five years old, the war began and in a single night became an orphan and refugee. He was discovered by the Jedi and they found him to possess a great deal of power. He was emotionally stunted and the Jedi decided he was idea as a Jedi.

At the age 15, he became a padawan to Master **. She herself was just Knight and was trained as a Diplomat. They went to the Outer Rim Worlds to convince planets to join aid for the Republic. Because of the constant war and the importance of Master ** work, Griseus was delayed in becoming a Knight and was ordered to remain a Padawan to Master ** to ensure her safety.

After a successful treaty, Master ** and Griseus were ambushed by the Empire. Master ** was killed and Griseus was forced to become a slave.