A Lightsabre stance invented by Griseus to enable a Master of dual lightsabres to still use force powers in the middle of combat.

Griseus primary stance is Juyo, defined as a vicious form of sabre combat that required the combantant to use bold and direct movements.  It is highly focused offensive form.  It lacked defense.

To compensate for this, he learned from his first Master, Jar'Kai.  Derived from Niman stance, making use of two sabres, it had a balance of offense and defense.  Jar'Kai was best used with two sabres, often employing one sabre to be used for offense and the secondary for defense.  Though both sabres could be used offensively, which enhanced Griseus's Juyo form.

With the dual sabres, it had a drawback.  Since in combat both hands were wielding lightsabres, this prevented use of the force as an attack.  Griseus, while not exceptionally powerful in the force, felt it was important that the force should be used as a tool in combat.

Griseus began developing Rhipe stance.  This evolved from Niman stance and employed throwing the sabre and doing quick force attacks before catching the sabre.  It would also make use of being able to dual-wield a sabre in a single hand for the same duration of time.  It is never meant to be used a primary method of attack, but as a secondary method when the opportunity presented itself.

This method requires a lot of concetration and is not something that should be attempted without Master level of Jar'Kai.  It requires concentration of the sabre being thrown, the sabre still in hand, the combat and combatants, and the use of the force.  Also requiring short force attacks, generally in the span of 1 - 5 seconds.  To use both sabres in one hand requires high level of strength and great dexterity, while at the same time using the force.

Griseus often said that Rhipe required a bond between sabre and self, as if the sabre was alive.  It also required a lot of working out and to build up strength in his arms and core.  Rhipe was regarded as a well kept secret in the Grey Jedi Order's history long after the Second Galactic War, with only a few members ever learning it.