33 BTC (3686 BBY)

  • Griseus Farran is born (birthpalce unknown)

28 BTC (3681 BBY)

  • Great Galactic war begins
  • Grisues is found by the Jedi Order and is taken to be train
  • DregsRye is born

18 BTC (3671 BBY)

  • Grisues becomes a padawan

8 BTC (3661 BBY)

  • Grisues is captures by the Sith
  • DregsRey gives birth to daughter born to Thunderre

5 BTC (3658 BBY)

  • DregsRey is assigned to help train Griseus in being a Sith
  • DregsRey daughter is sent to train to be a Sith
  • GJO Ch #1

3 BTC (3656 BBY)

  • DregsRey and Griseus begin to have an affair

1 BTC (3654 BBY)

  • Grisues escapes the Sith with the aid of DregsRey
  • Griseus, having nowhere to go, drifts in space

Treaty of Coruscant (3653 BBY)

  • Treaty of Coruscant
  • Griseus, oblivious to the war discovers the ways of becoming True Grey

10 ATC (3643 BBY) Present

  • Griseus arrives to Tython to become a Jedi Knight
  • Griseus joins the Grey Jedi Order, maintaining loose ties to the Jedi Order
  • DregsRye joins the Grey Jedi Order
  • DregsRye convinces daughter to join Grey Jedi Order
  • Thunderre is convinced that Griseus broke up his family and swears vengence